Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Crazy News

I just got an email from h-afro-am that there is a plan to exhibit African people in the Augsburg Zoo this month. That's right, people, in the zoo. You can read about it on the prometheus website. It does not seem to be an urban legend.

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Anonymous said...

English-language coverage of this story on Wednesday, from The Scotsman:

"A German zoo has been accused of exploitation after it unveiled plans to put grass-skirted black men in mud huts from tomorrow to show off its elephants and rhinos in their "natural environment".....

According to the brochure, the idea is to let visitors "discover the Dark Continent" with its "genuine exotic ambience".

The human exhibits will be separated from the animals in an area where they can be observed easily by visitors, although the brochure does not make it clear whether the people on display would be in the cages with the animals or in an entirely separate enclosure.

The show is scheduled to go ahead despite attracting criticism from African communities and human rights activists."