Sunday, June 19, 2005

Open Thread: Heard on the Street

Last night on the subway, 2 am, I was reading, "Homage to Catalonia." I was deeply irritated by three guys discussing some woman who'd gotten into Juliard drama school. This made her more of a catch than they'd realized. They talked about how competitive it was, what the slaughter was like every year as the class was pruned down by 50%, etc. etc. They seemed to be in the know. They were a little theatrical, self-congratulatory. "Theater people," I thought, "harrumph."
Imagine my surprise as one of them said quietly, just before he got off the train, "great book" and as I turned to see who he was, he gave me a winning smile, "that's a great book," he repeated, louder this time. Not knowing what to say, I responded brightly, but idiotically, "yeah, it's classic!" oooph.
Your turn.....

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