Monday, June 06, 2005

Stadium News & More

OK, it's time for some Good news updates. I'm not really hugely familiar with city council politics, but this all seems promising to me, even though this one-neighborhood-development-vs.-another-one" is not the reason to jettison the Jets stadium. Do you like how NY1 refers to this as jeapardizing NYC's bid for the olympics? That's a pipe dream. If I were France, Germany and the rest, I'd boycott this rogue state instead of sending my athletes to play here. After all, we all know that the jingoistic media will just cover "team America" anyway. It makes me ill to think about it.
Also in the good news department, is some motion among party elites around the Downing Street Memo. I heard Amy Goodman do this interview on the radio this morning and I was impressed, but also dubious. The only way to get an impeachment movement going on this issue is to base the entire 2006 election on impeaching the pres. and ending the war. Does that mean that the Democratic party is suddenly going to become oppositional?? oy. hard to imagine.

Confusing headlines...What is going on with Microsoft? Some headlines say they made concessions, while others represent the inability of the EU to get Microsoft to share proprietary info on the Windows operating system with Open source people as a victory for Microsoft. Clearly, a corporation whose software controls 90% of the world's personal computers is in a position to tell the law what to do. Here's what the folks at slashdot have to say about it.

And OK, I've been printing some mean things about students lately. But none of them has ever pulled off something this f---ed up. As Jenny Holzer said, "abuse of power comes as no surprise." But really, I am surprised.

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