Monday, June 27, 2005

More News on the Zapatistas

Thanks to "chanders" for posting that link to the IMC's latest posting on the Zapatistas. In New York, following the first discussion, the group made the move to join the Austin-based network called "Accion Zapatista" and are hosting a second organizing meeting that will be held in Tompkins Square park's "grassy area" at 6:30 tomorrow. For a fuller news update, here's another imc article. Beyond leaving these areas in preparation for possible government raids, Marcos has announced that the Zapatistas may be about to change their approach and emphasis, moving from primarily indigenous struggle, to something else,a broader, national effort that embraces the concerns of "farmers, workers, students, teachers, and homosexuals."

I'm happy to see new life breathed into Zapatista solidarity, but can I make one suggestion please?... Maybe you all can drop everything and run off to a meetting on one day's notice, but some of us have stuff to do and plans made long in advance. Especially in NY, especially if you want Brooklyn/Queens people to come, you've gotta give people some advance notice. One day's notice is not enough, especially for revolutionaries over 30. Meetings are great, but meetings with a week's notice are even better. So, I Still haven't heard from anyone on the first meeting: Did anyone reading this go? Who was at the meeting? How many people? What was it like?

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